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Commercial and IP Consulting


About Konnexus

Konnexus is an Ålesund based consultancy company, advising on Intellectual Property rights and commercial contract management. Konnexus has been founded Emma Blake, a dual qualified English solicitor and Norwegian Advokat, with almost 10 years’ industry experience. Konnexus focusses on combining legal knowledge and expertise with industry experience to provide practical commercial advice. Konnexus advises on the whole lifecycle of Intellectual Property rights from their creation to protection, management and commercial exploitation - advising not only on the technical law but also on processes for managing intellectual property rights. The same approach is applied to commercial contracting – with advice on the whole contract lifecycle from bid phase and negotiation through to performance and beyond, with advice on processes and strategies for managing commercial risk.

Intellectual Property

Konnexus can advise your business on managing its Intellectual Property and portfolio throughout the whole lifecycle of rights. From developing processes and strategies to manage when and how rights are created, through to management, protection and registration strategies, commercialisation and finally the defence and enforcement of rights where necessary. Advice is tailored to your business and is shaped by the external and internal factors which effect your Intellectual Property strategy. 

Commercial Contracting

Commercial contracting involves understanding a contract in the whole of its commercial context. A contract is much more than the written document. The agreed contractual risks and obligations are shaped by internal and external business factors, which need to be understood in order to perform the contract obligations and manage its risks effectively. Konnexus can assist with not only the drafting and negotiation of contracts but also advice on the contracting process as a whole, including  delivering bespoke training and developing tools for your team to manage and mitigate contractual risk.


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